Once upon a time, “Holdwater” (the author of the denialist hatesite www.tallarmeniantale.com), hidden under the nickname “mentor” at www.genocide.com, asked in an offended tone why there were not Armenians who would deny the Armenian genocide!

Turkish nationalists had been in hunt for “Armenians who would deny the Armenian thesis” long before Holdwater was around. I do not know why Holdwater was searching for Armenian deniers, when one of his friends, Edward Tashji, was already in charge.

Who was Tashji?

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Photo: Edward Tashji, Turkish Day Parade, May 2003, holding the Turkish flag in front of Immortal Ataturk's portrait (from http://www.edwardtashji.org/)

Tashji, according to himself, was the son of Armenian and Assyrian parents. He was Christian, born in Turkey. For years, Turkish propagandists used Tashji to show “how objective Armenian dismisses Armenian genocide claims!”

But who was this “objective Armenian?” The “objective Armenian,” as it turned out after his death in June of 2005, had been on Turkish payroll for many years. “Tashji was
the public relations director for the New York-based Federation of Turkish-American Associations,” according to the Turkish Daily News (27 June, 2005).

Well, let us assume that Turks do not discriminate against Armenians and that they would hire an Armenian to work for them. But why, do you assume, this “Christian Armenian” was buried in Karacay Turkish Cemetery of New York?

Just for the record…