Last week I informed about Turkish denier Holdwater’s (Hold Water) first “global” success! The “mysterious” author of the hatesite had published an “article” in Global Politician (see The Recognized Expert).

Photo*: Holdwater finds out his article was removed. "Why did not I sign it as Ilyas Botas?" wonders he/she/it

Holdwater’s “success” did not last that long. Global Politician, as Maral Der Ohanesian informs in a letter, has removed Holdwater’s “masterpiece” from its website and from the archives.

Similar removal was done by the Jewish Advocate about a month ago. This newspaper had published an article about the Armenian genocide, calling the murdered Armenians “alleged victims.” But the article was soon removed from the website and from the archives.

Both Global Politician and the Jewish Advocate, by the way, had published materials on the Armenian genocide before publishing denialist lies. It seems they both admitted their mistakes by removing the denialist writings.

*This photo is artistic conception. Hold water is not as cute (in reality) as the above emoticon.

UPDATE: In a private letter to Harut Sassounian, Global Politician explained the reason why Holdwater's article was removed: "We didn't think it was fair for him to publish under a pseudo-name, while everyone else reveals their name."