Jerusalem Post (“The First Word: The Jewish center must hold,” 19 January 2006) has David Wolpe’s column on Judaism and Jewish issues.

The article states that it is sacred Jewish obligation to work for the recognition of the Armenian genocide.

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Archival photo: Chief Rabbi of Armenia Gersh-Meir Burshtein leading the Jewish community in laying a wreath featuring a yellow Magen David at the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan (24 April 2005, from

Covenantal Judaism teaches a sacred obligation to care for the suffering. Organized Judaism's reaction to atrocities in Darfur, in Cambodia, our championing the recognition of the Armenian genocide, and countless similar causes and efforts, are not strategic, or intended to reflect credit on ourselves. They are sacred Jewish obligations. Jews who care for the Jewish community alone are neglecting the first, most comprehensive covenant.

While for many Jews (Henry Morgenthau Sr., Franz Werfel, Raphael Lemkin, Israel Charny and many others) the awareness of the Armenian genocide has indeed been sacred obligation, for others (Bernard Lewis, Guenter Lewy, Bill Schechter and most of the political leaders of Israel) it has been sacred obligation to deny the Genocide.

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Archival photo: Bernard Lewis, the Jewish historian who was fined by a French court for denying the Armenian genocide

What does Mr. Wolpe think of the latter?