He finally did it! "Holdwater" got published in a non-Turkish website, called Global Politician. laugh.gif

The topic is the same: denial of the Armenian genocide. For those who don't know, "Holdwater" is the Turkish master of the www.tallarmeniantale.com hatesite, which besides denying the Armenian genocide states that Ashkenazi Jews and Native Americans are Turks and that the European Renaissance was due to the Turkish conquer of Constantinople, and many other hilarious "facts." Oh yes, “Holdwater” will be offended if I don’t mention his endeavor in showing Turks as saviors of Jews during the Holocaust….

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Photo: a Californian poster protesting the Turkish government's denial of the Armenian genocide, 24 April 2005 (from www.genocideevents.com)

This guy is very enthusiastic. He will spend days to write letters and articles. In his letter addressed to Time Magazine, “Holdwater” wrote: “I have not seen this DVD, but… I believe the DVD’s presentation of the events was mostly accurate.” This is how the Turkish denial of the Armenian genocide goes. They have not seen anything, but they have to believe that their lies are mostly accurate.

"I have not seen this DVD, but… I believe the DVD’s presentation of the events was mostly accurate." – Holdwater

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(from www.tallarmeniantale.com)[/i]

Coming to the article published in Global Politician (where almost everybody can publish an article, based on some “criteria” that I will discuss later), there is no need to quote the common denialist “arguments” (there was no intent, numbers were less, etc.). But a newest fabrication appears in “Holdwater’s” new masterpiece. “Armenia demonstrated this favored tactic in 1992, massacring Azeri civilians and scaring what many say is close to a million from Artsakh,” writes “Holdwater.” Unfortunately, the prize for “the fabricator of the year” does not go to “Holdwater,” due to the fact that the Azerbaijani media already won the prize by fabricating information about “the destruction of a Muslim holy site in Armenia.”

And a last note about the Global Politician. Though the name of this website is pretty “cool,” it is easy to publish stuff there. “To become a writer, you must:
· Be a published author or journalist; or
· Have an advanced degree (Master's, Ph.D. or J.D.) in a related field.
· Be a recognized expert who has been interviewed in the media or otherwise recognized for his expertise.”
Whether “Holdwater” is in the first two categories or not (he insists he is a businessman), Global Politician should know. I am positive, nevertheless, that “Holdwater” meets the criteria in the third definition. He is, indeed, “a recognized expert” in genocide denial.

"Holdwater's" masterpiece is at http://globalpolitician.com/articledes.asp…47&cid=4&sid=35.