I came across to a very interesting and self-proclaimed liberal blog, called Dean's World. The Texas-born liberal has posts on many interesting issues.

At Armenian Genocide: As Real As It Gets, he writes of Gwynne Dyer's article on the Armenian genocide (mostly based on the genocide denier Lewy's recent revisionist paper). Dean says that he has "read more about the Armenian genocide than most people." But being a liberal, he still wanted to see what others think (excluding those on Turkish government's payroll). So he "decided to ask one of the world's most respected authorities on the subject of mass murder by government, political scientist Rudy Rummel, what he thought."

Mr. Rummel sent him two responses. He wrote, "Also note that there is not one genocide scholar who doubts this was genocide. And few are Armenians by ethnicity or nationality."

Mr. Rummel also noted, "The planning and execution of the genocide is well documented by Turkish high level documents, by court trials that were held after the war in Turkey, and in Germany (of the Armenian assassin of one of the Young Turks), and by foreign diplomats in Turkey at the time, including the American ambassador, whose book on his experience well establishes the intentionality of the genocide."

Dean also has an entry on Orhan Pamuk's trial at http://www.deanesmay.com/posts/1134736445.shtml.