ermm.gif Hold on, I am not the one saying "Turkish abuse." Not even the Greeks, nor the Assyrians. This time it's the Indian news agency biggrin.gif Rediff, while writing about the wiki tickies of Wiki, which, according to, "is a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser."

The thing is that the "encyclopaedia" gives the chance to edit every single entry it has. No, kidding. I mean even saddam.gif can edit it. laugh.gif if he has access to the Internet, indeed.

What's hilarious about is that it makes denialist Turks to suffer on that website day by day lamo.gif changing the entry on the Armenian genocide. The Indian site says, "The revert wars on 'Orhan Pamuk' and the 'Armenian genocide' were absolutely fascinating, for example." Writing about the abuse, the paper adds, "You can learn Turkish abuse by the bucketful by trawling through the archives. "

Photo: Turkish denier after finding out his entry on the Armenian genocide was changed again (photo taken by Blogian with's digigal camera)

UPDATE: I recieved a "nice letter" from an Azerbaijani Turkish user cursing me. laugh.gif I am afraid he was the one in the picture above.