Hovik Hoveyan – a not well-known writer, known better for being the Minster (the head) of Armenia's ministry of culture, puts himself in the row of “all-mighty people,” a class of usually low-educated idiots in Armenia, who think they can do whatever they want without being responsible to any laws.

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The Irish Examiner reports on 4 January 2006, "Armenia’s culture minister attacked and pistol-whipped two utility workers today after electricity was cut off to his flat, police said.

Police were investigating Ovik Oveyan, but no arrests had been made as of this evening, police spokesman Sayat Shirinyan said.

According to a prosecuting official, Mr Oveyan called officials at the Armenian Electric Network sometime before noon when a problem with an electric cable shut off power to his apartment. The official asked to remain unnamed since he was not authorised to speak to the media.

After arguing with an official, Mr Oveyan, his son and several friends drove to the network’s offices and with a pistol attacked at least two officials, who later had to seek medical treatment for head wounds, the official said."

UPDATE: As Armenian Liberty reported on 5 January 2005, Hovik Hoveyan left his job after the incident. hi.gif bye idioto