As European Jewish Press reports, "On 12 December, 19 historians signed the 'Freedom for History' petition, demanding the removal of legislation on Holocaust denial and denial of the Armenian genocide, as well as a law that condemns slavery as a crime against humanity. They claim the legislation undermines their research work. "

This information was highly published in Turkish newspapers, but, needless to say, for Turks "19 historians" were "French historians" and the talk was not about Holocaust and Genocide denial, but about the removal of "so-called Armenian Genocide claims" (see Zaman's French Historians 'Jointly' Ask Annulment of Armenian Genocide Law ).

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What Turkish newspapers are not happy to announce now, is that, according to European Jewish Press, "The call to suppress anti-revisionist laws was dismissed on 2 January by LICRA, the league against racism and anti-Semitism and on 20 December, 32 intellectuals signed a petition entitled 'let’s not mix everything up' to counter the first initiative. "

The year of 2006 for the denialists had a bad beginning… Fortunately! biggrin.gif