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Another Armenian champion this year…… doh.gif
Now in Chess

Remember I once wrote that this year Armenians are going crazy? Well, I thought Arthur Abraham becoming box champion was the last crazyness that Armenians did this year. Well, I was wrong…. Today, Levon Aronian won the World Chess Cup!!!

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Rediff reports on 17 December 2005 "Former World junior champion Levon Aronian of Armenia comprehensively defeated former World champion Ruslan Ponomariov of Ukraine 2-0 in the tie-break games of the final to annex the World Chess Cup that concluded in Khanty Mansiysk, Russia, on Saturday."

The paper goes on to say, "The superiority of the Armenian can be gauged by the simple fact that he was stretched to the tie-breaker only twice — once in round four against Spanish hope Francisco Vallejo Pons and next in the finals against Ponomariov.

Besides, Aronian won all the two mini-matches under normal time control games. The success rate of the Armenian was phenomenal as he won as many as seven out of 14 games under normal time control and drew the remaining. "

Aronian took home $80,000 for winning the game!

A proud son of Armenia, representing his mother country.

Where is Turkey?

The Spoof published an interesting commentary on Orhan Pamuk's trial for recognizing the Armenian genocide. The article, written by Ponderous Oaf, tells of a hypothetical meeting where the world leaders argue there is no such a country as Turkey.

*Disclaimer for Turkish nationalists: take a deep breath before reading this.

Published on 17 December 2005, the story tells:

As the Turkish government continues its prosecution of famed novelist Orhan Pamuk on charges he “denigrated the Turkish national identity” by saying that the Armenian genocide of World War I did indeed happen, the UN has decided to investigate Turkish History and determine if, in fact, there is truly a country named Turkey.

“Until we get some real evidence, the so-called country named Turkey will receive imaginary country status within the UN,” said Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General. “As an imaginary country, they are welcome to attend our UN sessions, but no one really needs to listen to them.”

The new status for Turkey took effect quickly. During an afternoon general assembly on the topic of peace in the Mideast, the Turkish ambassador took the floor and offered Turkey’s perspective on the situation. Many of the UN representatives began gobbling, preening, and scuffling around their desk. Once the bewildered ambassador finished and took his seat, the Israeli representative took the microphone.

“I’m sorry, did someone say something?” he asked.

Muttering filled the room over the protests of the Turkish representative.

“I heard a lot of wind,” responded the Lebanese representative. “There must be a storm outside.”

“Perhaps,” responded the Israeli. “But to me, it sounded more like a gobbling sound. Like a large, flightless, feathered bird.”

“Yes!” said the Russian ambassador. “That’s it! I heard it. But it was indecipherable.”

“I guess we should move on.”

Later in the day, at a reception for some Asian dignitaries visiting the 3M, many representatives arrived adorned with fake wattles—the fleshy piece that dangles from a turkey’s neck. There was a moment of embarrassment as the Turkish ambassador frantically scurried around the room, trying to remove the wattles and demanding that his colleagues listen to him.

An investigatory committee has been formed to produce evidence of Turkey’s history and existence.

“It’s really quite simple,” said Kofi Annan. “If the Armenian Genocide did not happen, then there’s a strong likelihood that Turkey never happened.
We’re going to use the same level of investigatory diligence and scholarship that Turkey has used in investigating the Armenian genocide, and find out if we’ve had an imposter in the UN all these years. If what we suspect is true, we believe that there’s a huge land mass in the middle east that’s for sale. Israel is apparently very interested.”

unsure.gif wait a minute. where is Turkey?

Without comments

Cultural genocide of Armenian monuments continues in Nakhichevan

Regnum Russian News Agency
16:53 12/15/2005

Read it in Russian

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“Almost 100 Azerbaijani servicemen penetrated the Armenian cemetery near Nakhichevan at the bank of the Araks River and using sledgehammers and other tools, began to crush Armenian graves and crosses, that were saved by a miracle in the attacks of 2002,” the Armenian Embassy in Iran, citing the Armenian Eparchy of the Iran province of Atropatena informed the press.

According to the source, “this fact is another step of the Azerbaijani government, aimed at distortion of history and liquidation of the Armenian traces in the territory of Nakhichevan. According to the embassy’s report, the Armenian monuments and graves in this region continue to be the subject of planned acts of vandalism by Azerbaijanis. In the light of these actions, spiritual leaders of three Armenian eparchies express their indignation and address the international community, international institutions such as UNESCO, to help prevent another cultural genocide by Azerbaijan.”

Denying the Holocaust

Well, it is not news that the idiotic president of Iran denied the Holocaust calling it a "myth." Then, other officials tried to explain that the president's "remarks" were "misunderstood."
Misunderstood or not, Iran's president is a genocide denier and I am sorry for the proud people of Iran to have such a "leader."

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Oh, yes. A last "remark" to Iran's president in his "favorite" language: Kish Mekh Entokhes ya Zain!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif

Getting iced in Yerevan

Ice Age Arrives:

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Yerevan's new outdoor skating rink made its debut this week, with an exhibition by Armenia's very own ice hockey team. After months of work, "Swan Lake" (next to the Opera House) is now iced over and ready for slippery entertainment.

This is where "Karapi Lich" used to be. A nice idea! At least, the rabiz guys cannot have razbirat on the ice, correct?

16 December 2005

Happy Birthday, Այբ, Բեն, Գիմ!

Happy Birthday, Այբ, Բեն, Գիմ!

The New York Times reports on 13 December 2005, "It's Not Every Day You Are Invited to a 1,600th Birthday Party, Let Alone One For an Alphabet."

But last week, that's exactly what brought more than 200 people to a parking lot in New Milford, N.J., across the street from a CVS and a karate studio, where they huddled together in a shivering herd, clapping their mittens and whispering prayers in frosty breath to the Armenian alphabet, created in the fifth century."

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The reporter goes on to say, "And so, as sheet cake was sliced and plastic glasses of Martini & Rossi raised, the partygoers sang, 'Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ayp Pen Keem' — the Armenian A B C's — 'happy birthday to you.'"

In this picture you see a work, which is at the museum of St. Echmiadzin, made a few decades ago. It shows the Armenian letters, all made of pure gold. My grandfather, Sarkis Maghakian, carved some of the letters, though his name is not credited. Instead, the name of Jirair, I believe, or a name that starts with J (Zh) is credited, who was my grandfather's friend and asked him to help. – Nemesis

The week's quote

"…What am I to make of a country [Turkey] that insists that the Turks, unlike their Western neighbors, are a compassionate people, incapable of genocide, while nationalist political groups are pelting me with death threats?"

– Orhan Pamuk, the most famous contemporary Turkish novelist
The New Yorker, page 34
19 December 2005

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Best-selling Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk makes a speech during his short appearance at a meeting of the writers, who gathered to show their support a day before his trial in Istanbul December 15, 2005. The trial of Pamuk, which opens on Friday, is a critical test of Turkey's commitment to freedom of expression, which risks straining its ties with the European Union. Pamuk faces up to three years in jail if convicted of insulting 'Turkishness' with his comments that a million Armenians died in World War One massacres and that 30,000 Kurds were killed in more recent decades. Ankara has always denied charges of genocide against Armenians. REUTERS/Stringer

p.s. Orhan Pamuk's trial for "insulting Turkishness" (read admitting the Armenian genocide) will take place this Friday. BBC published an article on it today.

Radio interview

Radio Interview on the Genocide

Massachusetts National Public Radio Interview on the Armenian Genocide. "Was it Genocide?" Story aired: Tuesday, December 13, 2005.

When the plaintiff Bill Schechter, teacher of American history at Lincoln-Sudbury High School in Massachusetts, is asked in the interview whether he would include "another point of view" on the Holocaust, he says "No." Well Mr. Schechter is a Jew and, of course, Holocaust denial is unacceptable for him and does not fall under the "freedom of speech." But when it comes to the Armenian genocide, well, Mr. Schechter does not care a lot….

Mr. Schechter, joined by a student and by the Turkish organizations of America, is arguing that the "Turkish perspective" on the Armenian genocide should be included in American textbooks.

Armenian prostitutes in Turkey

This is something that breaks my heart and soul, yet it is the reality that we must ardently battle. Armenian girls are returning to the homeland after the Genocide…. now as prostitutes. What a disgrace, what a shame, what a blasphemy….

Armenian Prostitutes in Turkey
[December 5, 2005]
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A few months ago, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, stated in a speech that Turkey hosts around 40,000 Armenian citizens. What are so many Armenians doing in different locations within Turkey? They are mainly in trade, working in the service industry, or, painful as it is to admit it, involved in the sex business. Armenians are going to a country with whom Armenia does not even have diplomatic relations, which means that Armenian citizens can expect no support from their country, in the event that their rights are violated in Turkey, or if, for instance, they are involved in an accident of some sort. Although Armenians do not have diplomatic relations, traveling to Turkey is easy and inexpensive. There are a number of travel agencies in the center of Yerevan where you can get an entry visa and a bus ticket to different destinations in Turkey from various Armenian cities. A large percentage of travelers to Turkey choose to go by bus.

The Armenian authorities do not have any clear numbers regarding Armenian prostitutes in Turkey. Our preliminary investigation suggests that there are more Armenian prostitutes in Turkey than there are in the United Arab Emirates. Clearly, most women are driven to prostitution by necessity. It is women in socially vulnerable groups – those who cannot feed their children or their parents- that are usually the ones who end up choosing the path of prostitution.

(read the whole article at HETQ, unless you are in Dubai, where the website is blocked by the government)

Another Armenian champion

Another Armenian champion this year
Now in Boxing boxing.gif

Associated Press reported on Sat Dec 10, 6:29 PM ET, Arthur Abraham, an Armenian of Germany, became a box champion today.

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Coach Ulli Wegner, left, and promoter Wilfried Sauerland, right, celebrate with their new champion, Armenian Arthur Abraham living in Germany after the IBF Middleweight world champion boxing match against Nigeria born Canadian Kingsley Ikeke in Leipzig, eastern Germany, Saturday night, Dec. 10, 2005. Abraham won by knock out during the 5th round. (AP Photo/Eckehard Schulz)

This year Armenians are going crazy in the world. Tennis player David Nalbandian, who plays for Argentina, became an unbelievable star. System of a Down, the Armenian rock band in the U.S., is on the first place SECOND TIME this year by selling albums (no band in America has had first place twice in one year). Armenia got bronze medal in figure skating (this is outrageous! because Armenians don't have that sport in Armenia), let alone Armenians got the bronze medal in chess in Israel this year (which is understandable, because Armenians are usually good at chess and have done better before).

What makes me sad is that only the last two truly represent Armenia, while the others have to represent other countries to get more money for their medals or were simply born in those countries due to the Armenian genocide.

Well, maybe this is Armenians' "revenge" to the world on the 90th anniversary of the Genocide.

Hopefully, the Armenian talent will also benefit Armenia and not only Germany, Argentina, USA, etc…

UPDATE: Some newspapers, including USA TODAY, Boston Globe and others, write of Abraham, as "Armenia's Abraham." Does this mean he represents Armenia, or are the journalists confused again? (today a Kuwaiti newspaper called Armenia "Romania"…)

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Armenian Arthur Abraham living in Germany celebrates uplifted by his brother Alex after he won IBF Middleweight world champion boxing match against Nigeria born Canadian Kingsley Ikeke in Leipzig, eastern Germany, Saturday night, Dec. 10, 2005. Abraham won by knock out during the 5th round. (AP Photo/Eckehard Schulz) from Boston Globe .

UPDATE: I was told Arthur put Armenia's flag on his shoulders right after he became champion.

Azg reports on 16 December 2005, Arthur Abraham said after he became champion, "My victory belongs to Armenians."

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