Cultural genocide of Armenian monuments continues in Nakhichevan

Regnum Russian News Agency
16:53 12/15/2005

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“Almost 100 Azerbaijani servicemen penetrated the Armenian cemetery near Nakhichevan at the bank of the Araks River and using sledgehammers and other tools, began to crush Armenian graves and crosses, that were saved by a miracle in the attacks of 2002,” the Armenian Embassy in Iran, citing the Armenian Eparchy of the Iran province of Atropatena informed the press.

According to the source, “this fact is another step of the Azerbaijani government, aimed at distortion of history and liquidation of the Armenian traces in the territory of Nakhichevan. According to the embassy’s report, the Armenian monuments and graves in this region continue to be the subject of planned acts of vandalism by Azerbaijanis. In the light of these actions, spiritual leaders of three Armenian eparchies express their indignation and address the international community, international institutions such as UNESCO, to help prevent another cultural genocide by Azerbaijan.”