Fabricated Propaganda Seconded

The fabricated propaganda of the “destruction of Agadede – an Azerbaijani sanctuary in Armenia” was “criticized” by the Caucasian Muslim Department (CMA). The Muslim organization, according to www.muslimnews.co.uk , stated that the “sacrilege of Armenians will not stay unpunished.” CMA did not, nevertheless, specify how Armenians would be punished for “destroying ancient Muslim holy site Agadede.”

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“Neither in Yerevan suburbs, nor in Masis settlement there has never been any Azeri sanctuary named Agadede,” reported head of Research of Armenian Architecture NGO Samvel Karapetyan… “The reports of the Azeri party on destruction of an Agadede sanctuary situated near Yerevan aim at misleading the international community and conceal the fact of barbaric destruction of Armenian Khachkars (headstones) at Old Julfa cemetery in Nakhichevan,” Karapetyan added, reported IA Regnum.

– from www.panarmenian.net/news/eng/?nid=15926

The allegations of the destruction of “Agadede” (a place that, Research on Armenian Architecture NGO says, never situated in the Republic of Armenia) were published in the Azerbaijani media right after the last remains of the ancient Armenian cemetery of Old Julfa (Hin Jugha) were destroyed by Azerbaijani soldiers in mid-December, 2005. The infamous demolition of Old Julfa’s last Christian remains was photographed and videotaped. Photographs are available at the Web site of the Catholicosate of Cilicia (http://www.cathcil.org/v04/doc/Photos/Pictures109.htm). The video, taped by the Armenian Prelacy of Iran at the Iranian-Azerbaijani border, is available at www.azerivandalism.cjb.net; the same file (clearer view, but larger file) is also available at www.julfa.cjb.net.

Muslims protest against desecration of Muslim relic in Armenia


Moscow, Regnum:

The Caucasian Muslim Department (CMD) expresses protest against destruction of ancient Muslim holy site Agadede and its cemetery, situated near Yerevan.

As the CMD informed Azeri-Pres, “this sacrilege of Armenians will not stay unpunished, the CMD expresses protest to the Armenian side and will ask international organizations to investigate this case of relic destruction.”

– from the Muslim News: http://www.muslimnews.co.uk/news/news.php?article=10395

The ridiculous fabrication of “the destruction of Agadede” uses the common denial technique of “we did it – but you did it too.” The Azerbaijani government once again does not desire to stop and, needless to say, accept its vandalistic policy of eliminating the Armenian memory.