A Turkish Terrorist Group, Called Akhaltsikhe Liberation Brigade (ALB), Has Threatened the Armenians of Georgia with Genocide Again

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ALB has issued a video to distribute among the Armenians and Russians of Georgia. PanArmenian.net describes the video, "Four members of the Brigade against a background of Turkish flag have read an address to the Armenians and Russians residing in the town of Akhaltsikhe of the Armenian-populated Samtskhe Javakhetia region of Georgia. The address maintains the demand to Armenians and Russians to leave Akhaltsikhe immediately and go to Armenia, Russia or America otherwise the brigade members will eliminate the Armenian population of the region. 'All who stand in our way will die. We will not allow mentioning of you here. The land of Akhaltsikhe will become ours soon. All who don’t hear us now will regret they were born. Leave your property for us and run. You and your ancestors should remember the year of 1915 (the Armenian Genocide). Russians will not help you. Their time is up on our land. We have warned you, this is our last warning. Go and live or stay and die,' the address says. After reading the address, the brigade members shouting out Allah Akbar burnt the flags of Armenia, Russia and the U.S."

Earlier, on 12 October 2005, the same group posted leaflets calling upon Armenians to live their homes in Georgia, “Otherwise you will be subjected to Genocide like your ancestors in 1915."

One of the main regions of Georgia, Javakhk (Javakheti), is populated by Armenians and has been part of historic Armenia.

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The leaflet in Russian

(Translation from Russian)

Time for Revenge has Arrived

Armenians of Akhaltsikhe! We are coming! Whoever stands up against us will die!
For thousands of years you are poisoning the air of our lands.
Get the hell out of our land to your Armenia, Russia, America – wherever you want. We will not tolerate here even a memory about you. Do not try to stand up against the will of the all-mighty [Allah].
Soon, the land of Akhaltsikhe will again be ours; who does not listen to this now will regret they were born.
Disloyal dogs, leave property to us and run away fast: your ancestors remember 1915 [the genocide].
Russians will not help you; their presence in our land is also timed; their sold hyenas, Armenians, you also get the hell out of here!
Know that the time of paying for our insulsts is close: [so] hurry up and do not be mistaken! Go and live, or stay and die.

Brigade for the Liberation of Akhaltsikhe