Exclusive Cultural Genocide Video

www.Blogian.cjb.net has made it possible to download the 30-second documentary showing the recent destruction of the Christian monuments in Azerbaijan.

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Haylur broadcasted on 16 December 2005 a video, which shows Azerbaijani soldiers destroying Armenian stone-crosses in Old Jougha (at the Azerbaijani-Iranian border). The video, provided by the Armenian prelacy in Iran, reveals the attempt of the Azerbaijani government to erase every trace of the Armenian memory in Nakhichevan, a historic Armenian region that was annexed to Soviet Azerbaijan by Russian dictator J. Stalin’s order.

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“Almost 100 Azerbaijani servicemen penetrated the Armenian cemetery near Nakhichevan at the bank of the Araks [Aras] River and using sledgehammers and other tools, began to crush Armenian graves and crosses, that were saved by a miracle in the attacks of 2002,” the Armenian prelacy told Regnum, a Russian news agency.

Old Jougha was a famous Armenian cemetery with hundreds of years old stone-crosses (khachkars). The cemetery included tens of thousands of stone-crosses, each of them a unique architectural monument. A few years ago the Azerbaijani government destroyed most of the Armenian monuments of Old Jougha, but stopped the vandalism after UNESCO’s protest. As of now, no international organization has protested the recent vandalism.

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www.Blogian.cjb.net, a Blog network based at www.Hayastan.com, has received the video reportage from the Armenian prelacy of Iran, and has made it possible for Internet users to download it. In order to download the 30-second video showing the destruction, go to http://azerivandalism.cjb.net/ and click on “Click here to download file "14dec2005.wpl.”

Breaking UPDATE:

The video is also available at http://clips1.vimeo.com/video_files/2005/1…vimeo.37011.wmv (larger file).

For more and larger photographs of the destruction, visit http://www.cathcil.org/v04/doc/Photos/Pictures109.htm