Peter the Great's statue to replace a carousel in Yerevan

As Arpi Maghakyan reports from Yerevan, "Peter the Great's statue will be replacing Arabkir park's last carousel."

Peter I, the Russian ruler who was expected to liberate Armenia, finally arrives… 285 years later, now as a statue.

Arka news agency reports on 30 November 2005, Russian Premier Minister Mikhail Fradkov will be visiting Yerevan on 2 December 2005. The following day he will “attend … the foundation of a monument of Peter I in Yerevan.”

The fact that Armenia’s capital, Yerevan, is going to have a statue of the Russian dictator Peter I the Great is confusing many people. But it’s not the worst news: the worst news is that the statue is going to be in a public park by replacing the ONLY attraction for the kids, the “carousel” in Arabkir's park (known as "Komitasi aygi").

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This “carousel” is not a real attraction, but this is the only place for the kids to have “fun” in the public park. There used to be a real attraction center, sort of a mini Disney Land, down the park (when you pass the Nairi Zarian/Kochar street), but it is all “gone:” a few buildings have replaced the “driving” places, and the real carousel, is now a history.

The existing park is the one situated between the streets Nairi Zarian and Komitas in the Arabkir district of Yerevan. In the south, the local government’s building is situated. Next to is, is the Iranian Embassy. The “park” is actually a raped one. There used to be a public toilet, but a local “authority,” named Mishok, bought it and made a Café called “Charles Aznavour” there. The guy made a lot of money, and bought a former kids camp building on the East part of the park; it is now a pool (“billiard”) play station. There are other Cafes in the park too: there is one on the north-western corner called “DDD,” owned by the Fitness center with the same name, the next one is on the far eastern part and allegedly belongs to Masis, another local “authority.” There is also another “dead” Café somewhere in the park belonging to a woman named Rima.

This “carousel,” that Peter I is going to replace, is the only place for the kids to have fun in the park. It is sort of a hand-made thing, but there have not been arguments about its safety. Though it is expensive for average locals, many kids enjoy it. Well, now they won’t even have that, because, as ArmeniaNow reports, “Atop a two-to-three meter pedestal, the bronze Peter I will gaze with arms crossed toward Mt. Ararat. Top to bottom, the statue of the Russian tzar will equal that of Armenia’s most famous hero, David of Sasun, which stands in front of the railway station.”

There were not enough dictators in Armenia; now we will have an 18-feet Russian monarch taking the space of the kids’ only carousel in the area. Well, let’s mention that Peter I had plans to liberate Armenia from the Muslims, but it doesn’t make him any better.

December 3 2005. Today I was informed the official name of the park is "The Children's Park of Arabakir," or "Arabkir Children Park" (Արաբկիրի մանկական այգի). How ironic…

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