I bought System Of A Down’s (SOAD) newest “Hypnotize” album and DVD (dual CD) on 22 November 2005, the same day it was first on sale.

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My favorite song in the album is “Soldier Site,” the last one.

The eighth song is called “Holy Mountains,” and refers to western Armenia and to the Genocide. The song is OK: I like the first and the last parts, but they could have done a better job on this.

The lyrics start with the following:

Can you feel their haunting presence?
Can you feel their haunting presence?
Liar, Killer Demon
Back to the river Aras…
Someone’s mouth said paint them all red…

(Aras is one of the names of Araks, the holy Armenian river that today borders a few countries in the region and starts in modern Turkey – Nemesis)

The last part of the song is as followed:

We have learned that you have no
Honor, Murderer, Sodomizer
Back to the river Aras
Freedom, freedom, free, free.

I personally notice singer Ruben Hakhverdian's influence on the "Holy Mountains;" I can be wrong.

The DVD has two movies: the B.Y.O.B. and the Question!
It also shows how they made some of the songs, and there is some Armenian stuff in the DVD too.