Armenian traffic to be videotaped

ArmeniaNow reports on 25 November 2005, "Beginning from 2007 traffic on Yerevan streets will be monitored by automated systems of video cameras that will come to replace the state automobile agency officers. 214 video cameras and speedometer equipment will be installed at the nine large squares and the streets and crossroads neighboring the squares to register traffic violations."

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The cameras will most likely somewhat prevent the corrupted Police of Armenia: "Drivers are expected to greet the cameras as good news, as today’s arbitrary system of fine assessment usually means that drivers are forced to pay $2 to $3 bribes to roadside patrolmen."

"The second stage of changes (for which $2.5 million has been allotted) will come in 2007-8. It provides for installing speedometers on interstate highways and purchasing snowmobiles (presumably for law enforcement in the wintry off-road).

Implementation of the last stage (2009-2010) will call for a $3 million allotment to install traffic control systems in Gyumri, Vanadzor and Echmiadzin. During this period police will also be equipped also with two helicopters."

What ArmeniaNow does not address, is the greed of the Police before the installation of the cameras. Won't they "make up" for the coming years before the cameras are installed?