Dr. Kevorkian is dying

Life News reports on 21 November 2005, "The attorney for convicted assisted suicide crusader Jack Kevorkian has submitted his third request for Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm to pardon or commit his sentence. He says the jailed pathologist is in grave medical shape and should be allowed to end his sentence for killing a disabled man."

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The paper goes ahead to remind, "Kevorkian was convicted in April 1999 of killing Thomas Youk, a Detroit-area man with Lou Gehrig's disease whose death was shown on the CBS television show '60 Minutes.' He argued the murder was a euthanasia or mercy killing, but was sentenced for 10 to 25 years in prison."

Dr. Kevorkian, known as Dr. Death, is the son of the survivors of the Armenian genocide. When he was once asked whether he did not feel sorry for "killing" people, he said that he was Armenian, and nobody would understand better what pain and suffering was than him.

Without doubt, Dr. Kevorkian will become a hero in a few years, when finally the American government realizes that assisting suicide is a choice; a tool to prevent human suffering. But, unfortunatelly, he will not learn that he was hero, because he is expected to die shortly.

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