Turkey says to Denmark, "Close down the &*%( TV!!!"

EuObserver reports on 18 November 2005, "[Turkish Prime Minister] Mr Erdogan walked out on Monday (14 November) over the presence of Danish-based Roj TV, which the Turkish government alleges is financed by the Kurdish rebel group PKK – a group which has been dubbed a terrorist organisation by the EU." The Turkish official has requested to shut down the Kurdish TV and blamed Anders Fogh Rasmussen in supporting terrorism.

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Photo: Mr. Erdogan wondering, "Will dey cluz that syopid PKK terryorist allogation Kyordish TV dyawn?"

The article continues to say, "an investigation by the Danish media authorities and ministry of culture has ruled that Roj TV does not violate Danish law.

An ongoing police investigation to establish possible links between the TV channel and PKK, will be made official in the near future Danish police say.

Copenhagen-based Roj TV broadcasts programs for Kurds all over Europe and the Middle East and has an audience of 28 million people in 77 countries.

RoJ TV denies having connections with the PKK."

Well, it seems Turks are forgetting that Denmark is not Turkey, and shuting down everything around is not a European custom.