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Archeologists Find Ancient Burial Mounds

Armenian Archeologists Unearth 3rd Millennium B.C. Site


YEREVAN, Armenia Nov 9, 2005 — Archeologists said Wednesday they have unearthed burial mounds dating back to the third millennium B.C. which they believe contain remains and trinkets from ancient Aryan nomads.

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Photo: Armenia is considered the homeland of the Indo-European languages according to the thesis suggested in the 1980s. (-Nemesis)

Historian Hakob Simonian said Wednesday that the four mounds were among 30 discovered about 35 miles west of the Armenian capital Yerevan, containing beads made of agate, carnelian and as well as the remains of what appears to be a man, aged 50-55.

Also found were remains of domesticated horses and glazed pottery appearing to show chariots, Simonian said.

The Aryans, who later became known as Persians, were largely grassland nomads who settled in what is today Iran and eventually in parts of India.

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