Trafficking is one of Armenia's worst problems, and the Armenian government not even does not want to face the problem, but sometimes it supports the organizers of the trafficking and makes money out of ruining lives of Armenian woman, some as young as 13-year old…….

With the great efforts of HETQ and others, the names of the criminals are known, and even the victims are known. One of the pims, Anahit Malkhasyan, was arrested in Yerevan due to the fact that the media had published about her crimes. But soon she was released by giving a lot of money to Armenian officials…..

The article below confirms that Nature (or God, whatever you call the force) has its rules and sometimes the rule is to kill criminals…. A criminal is not sufficient enough to describe Anahit's savage crimes against its nation and against humanity…. She was called in a car accident, after she bought off his trial in Armenia. Thank you, God. Thank you…. Anahit, do not rest in peace!!!

A Dubai Pimp Is Dead

[September 19, 2005]

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Last week, Anahit Malkhasyan (nicknamed Debr Ano), a Dubai pimp originally from Echmiadzin, was killed in a car accident on the Dubai-Sharja highway. Malkhasyan was driving a rented Honda; there were no passengers in the car. Since Malkhasyan was in possession of the passports and documents of the eleven Armenian prostitutes that worked for her, the women are now beyond official supervision (Why Pimps Don't Get Punished, Part II). The circumstances that led to the accident are not yet clear; it cannot be ruled out that it was organized. Anahit Malkhasyan was an important figure within the Dubai sex trade.

Her body was transported to Armenia on September 17.

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