"A Shameful Act" to be released in 2006

Nemesis News, 29 October 2005. Minessota.

Turkish professor Taner Akcam will be releasing his new book, "A Shameful ACT: The Armenian Genocide and the Question of Turkish Responsibility," in April of 2006.

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To be published by Metropolitan Books, the book will include 448 pages discussing the Armenian Genocide and it's Turkish denial.

Taner Akcam is a Turkish professor who lectures on the Armenian genocide at the University of Minnesota. Once asked whether he had Armenian blood (many Turks deny the Armenian genocide), Prof. Akcam replied, "no, I have human blood."

Prof. Akcam's recent radio interview with the Public Radio of Minnesota (28 October 2005), a joint interview with two other scholars, is available at http://www.publicradio.org/tools/media/pla…/10/28_midmorn2 as of 29 October 2005.