Yücel AŞKIN is Vardovian's grandson

The rector of the University of Van, Yucel Askin, who is arrested on "corruption charges" has been most likely captured for his Armenian origin. At first, his Armenian origin was allegation but now it is apparent that he is Vardovian's grandson.

As AZG (English version published on 29 Oct 2005 at http://azg.am/?lang=EN&num=2005102902) reports on 28 October, 2005, the rector of Van University is the grandson of Hakob Vardovian, one of the founders of the Turkish theatre who had unwillingly converted to Islam and adopted the name Guli Hakob. Hakob's son, Necip Askin (the change of the last name was due to the Turkish law of converting non-Turkish names), is world-known violin player and had high intelectual posts in Turkey. Dr. Yucel Askin is the son of Necip Askin. Turkish newspaper Hurriyet also has article with the same information in Turkish.

Dr. Askin was perhaps the last Armenian who had remained in west Armenia (modern eastern Turkey). The region was wiped out of its Armenian population during 1915 and 1923, and presence of thousands of years (2200 churches, etc.) was destroyed during the same time and later.

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