In 1914, there were 2000 Armenian churches and cathedrals functioning in west Armenia (modern eastern Turkey). 90% of these churches have been razed to ground (more on this click here). Turkish newspaper Milliyet reported on 19, October, 2005 about another Armenian church that was destroyed. Below is an English translation (unpublished) from the Turkish article:

They destroyed a church to build a mosque.

Namik Durukan, Ankara

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The remains of a church under protection in the village of Argn in Kulp township, Diyarbakir province, ere completely destroyed in order to construct a mosque. Construction was halted following a complaint. The stone slabs belonging to the church once used by Armenians in Argun were removed and used in the mosque construction. The Church that was subsequently damaged beyond repair and the adjining Armenian graveyard have been officially certified as historical sites and have now come under the protection of the Council to protect Cultural and Natural Heritage. Contractor Kerem Emre who received the blessings of local villagers to build a two story mosque on the remains of the church did not have an official permit to start the construction. Emre bulldozed the remains of the church and a section of the graveyard to lay the foundations of the new mosque.

Belated Intervetion

However belatedly a petition from some villagers to the Kulp Kaymakamlik (sub-governor's office) and the Diyarbakir Museum directorate prompted official intervention. As a result of the ensuing inquiry construction was halted. Argun village headman, Sadik Turan, said contractor Kerem Emre had received 150 billion Turkish liras (approximately 110 thousand dollars US) from local villagers for the mosque and had appealed for further donations saying those who contributed would be blessed by God. Turan continued that he had opposed construction and that Emre accused him of being "an Armenian" for doing so. "I tried to prevent the construction and proposed a different site for the mosque. We already have two mosques in the village and I rejected demands to build a new mosque [on the site of the church]. Emre then rounded up the villagers and brought them to my home. Are you Armenian ? they demanded . I was unable to resist their pressure. "

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